UPDATE: July 20, 2014


Josiah passed away on the evening of July 18, 2014.  Since returning from treatments in Germany, he was able to spend time with his family at home, at Lake Tahoe, and after a brief hospitalization last week he was able to go home and passed in the company of his family and friends.


Josiah is in Germany with his mother and a family friend receiving treatments.  Their original accommodations were not close enough to the clinic so they have had to move to a hotel that is closer to where Josiah is being treated.  The walk from their previous location was too much for Josiah.  Please see the updated Letter from Uncle Bob for more details.  There are some new pictures from Germany on the Pictures page. 



We have found a clinic in Germany that has a protocol that we believe will help Josiah.  Right now we believe that Josiah will start treatment on May 12.  We urgently need donations to cover the cost of travel from North Carolina to Germany, lodging and the treatments.  Any donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated.

URGENT UPDATE - March 2014:

After my doctors told me that they could find no cancer several months ago, we have had a set back.  The cancer has returned and with a vengeance and I need to resume treatments immediately. I currently have three new tumors in my leg and seven in my lungs.

We are currently working with the doctors on a new treatment plan.

Hi. My name is Josiah Horkavy. I'm 13 years old and I live in Benson, North Carolina with my mom Katie, my dad Carl. My older brother Tyler is away at school and my brother Ryan is a pastor in Arizona. This site is dedicated to my journey fighting an aggressive cancer that started in my leg a few months ago.  Here I am last Christmas with my dad, my older brother Tyler (who shaved his head in support --- the chemo made my hair fall out), and my older brother Ryan. In the fall of 2012 I noticed that my leg was hurting while playing soccer.  One day I complained that my leg was hurting after a Manabi-Masho JiuJitsu class and my parents found a lump on my leg.  Pretty soon I was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma (a cancerous pediatric soft tissue tumor).  

 The cancer was growing very fast in my leg and then they found nodules in my lungs.  I'm on a 52 week chemo program and I have been using vitamins and herbal remedies to supplement the chemo.  My doctors say that I am making good progress and that they are impressed.  The holistic and conventional treatments have been working.  My cancer is reducing and disappearing.  I still have months of chemo ahead but right now the news is good.  Thank you for your support.

Thank you to all my friends and family for

 your prayers.

Josiah's Journey

7/14/2000 - 7/18/2014


I'm accepting donations to help my parents pay for my treatment.  There is a lot that insurance doesn't cover. My Aunt, Jane Olsen, has set up a fund for my medical expenses. 


Please send donations to: Fund for Josiah

Guilford Savings Bank

1 Park Street

Guilford, CT 06437



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